Part-time chef, full-time baker, all-time GENIUS. 46492425_577208459410904_6539901518563246080_o

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 11.32.53 AM.pngA baker in college, a nerd in life and a lover of creating, I produced GENIUS BAKING to show the world that baking can be GENIUS.

It connects. It heals. It brings people together. Just the process of baking (even without eating all the desserts) can be a form of therapy by sharing them with friends. How GENIUS is that?!

Because college or first apartment living can be a lonely stage of life, my recipes are aimed at giving people who don’t have a lot of kitchen resources (ie an oven!) the opportunity to make treats they can share with friends. My recipes are low-cost and dorm-room friendly.

SubscribeBaking was a form of healing for me. So I hope everyone can use my recipes to create something to share and bring groups of people together. This, above anything else, is my favorite treat!follow on insta

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