5 GENIUS Baked Treats that won’t Ruin your Resolutions!

It’s the time of year when lots of us resolve to “eat healthier,” “get back to the gym,” lose weight or set some other health-related goal – fulfilling the acquisition quotas of gym marketing managers everywhere. I’ve never believed that a specific day of the year or season should mean restriction from indulgence or indulging in hobbies – mine being baking.

Here are five recipes I tried in 2018 that won’t ruin a 2019 New Years “Eat-Healthier” Diet (if you have one) and will allow everyone to have fun in the kitchen!

1. 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies: Skip the chocolate chips and these quick cookies are a no sugar added healthy breakfast. I have mine with coffee instead of regular oatmeal.

2. Carrot Cake Protein Muffins: Though they contain a few more ingredients than the pumpkin cookies, these muffins can still be eaten as a breakfast, snack or post-workout food. They use Kodiak Cake Mix (a high-protein flapjack powder) to create a whole wheat muffin with plenty of protein.

3. Chocolate Brownies with Quest Nutrition Protein Powder: These brownies won’t taste like the full-fat variety, but they will contain a lot of protein and very little sugar. Quest Nutrition powders do contain added sweeteners, so pass on these if you don’t like stevia leaf extract.

4. PB2 Protein Cookies: If you haven’t heard of PB2, you’ve been missing out! A brilliant peanut manufacturer removed all the oil from peanut butter. PB2 is essentially peanuts crushed into a fine powder with no additives or sweeteners. Mix PB2 to with water to create a lower calorie peanut butter. Mix PB2 with the ingredients on this recipe to create a cookie!

5. Healthy Cheese-less “Cheesecake”: I enjoyed this recipe so much I made it three nights in-a-row. It uses sugar-free vanilla pudding mix to create a sweet cheesecake alternative with the taste and texture of cheesecake but without the cheese. I recommend it for anyone avoiding sugar or looking for a high-protein dessert substitute.

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